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Expert Tile & Stone Installation

Whether you are remodeling your bathroom, installing a kitchen or updating tile flooring,
we can provide you with the skills you need on your next renovation project.

Our Services

We repair and install many types of tiles, like: Bathroom and Toilet Tiling, Balcony Tiling, Kitchen Tiling, Swimming Pool Tiling,
Indoor Tiling, Outdoor Tiling, Wall Tiling, Floor Tiling, Residential Tiling, Commercial Tiling and more...

we at sun floors installation works with residential and commercial clients as well as builders and architects. 

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Floor & Wall Tile Installation

We provide a wide range of customizable options for tiles including material and colour, all guaranteed to meet and exceed expectations.


Cost-Saving Screed Services. Floor screeding or concrete screed is basically the application of a mixture of cement and sand to create cementitious material that is economical yet durable construction solution.


Regrouting is a task where the grout lines in between the tiles, floor and wall are removed and then new ones grouted. The most common areas where regrouting might be required are showers and balconies areas.

Ceramic Tiles

Kitchen Tiling

Good quality tiling is essential and can add significant value to your property.

 Cosy Kitchen
Bathroom Toilet

Bathroom Tiling

Tiling a bathroom or toilet can have the biggest impact on the outcome of you bathroom. You can either choose contrasting colours or decide to match your floor with wall tiles to achieve a consistent look. Instead, make use of bathroom accessories to add colour to the room.

Yoga Studio

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has become an increasingly popular flooring option for many homes due to its relative affordability and large variety of different finishes that caters to various styles. Timber-effect vinyl can replicate the warmth of timber flooring, while stone-effect vinyl can recreate the tones of natural stone flooring.

Marble Flooring

Marble’s main quality is that it allows an extremely high polish, which makes it look very smooth and reflective. Marble also tends to carry natural stone colors that enhance the tonal effect across the material. The color of marble, together with its naturally translucent quality, makes marble appear to glow.

Lawyer and judge

Ceramic Tiling

We provide direct tiling services for small and large projects in various property types. We are well-versed with the detailing and processes of installing new wall and floor finishes with a variety of tiles, to ensure all our tiling works are performed to BCA standards.

Bar Stools

Floor Up your Dream Home.
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